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Medhok compliance action tracker solution

Compliance Action Tracker Solution

Solution Overview

MedHOK’s Compliance Action Tracker consists of:

  • Regulatory Memo Manager Component, and
  • Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Manager Component

The Compliance Action Tracker solution comes out-of-the-box with Medicare-compliant fields and drop downs to ensure CMS compliance, and is easily configured for other lines of business. The component includes multiple intake channels and structured workflows, tasks and work queues triggered by business rules to ensure consistent application of rules and requirements.

Customers use this solution to:

  • Manage all regulatory memos in one location, including one-step distribution to single or multiple accountable individuals
  • Quickly search for memos based on memo number, title, informational or action required, source, memo date, or status
  • Track and trend types of required actions including creating new letters, policies, or reports
  • Manage and track investigations of compliance incidents and potential healthcare fraud and abuse

Have You Considered …

With MedHOK’s Compliance Action Tracker, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

Utilization Management
Provider Disputes
Pharmacy Appeals


Ensure compliance with MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform, built from the ground up to be compliant from day one


Compliant and consistent handling of appeals, grievances and complaints can result in improved Star ratings, provider relationships, and member satisfaction


Automatic workflows based on industry best practices ensure cases are processed consistently and correspondence is triggered automatically

Request a Demo

Why do more than half of MedHOK’s clients use the Compliance Action Tracker solution?

Our clients represent some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious health plans, PBMs, Specialty Pharmacies, and other payers. See for yourself why they rely on the MedHOK Unified Payer Platform for Compliance Action Tracker. Please complete the form and let us know which capabilities you would like to see. One of our demo specialists will contact you to schedule your custom demo.

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