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MedHOK’s Premium Billing Solution

MarketProminence (MP) Premium Billing Solution

Solution Overview

MedHOK’s MP Premium Billing module comes out-of-the-box, fully compliant with CMS Medicare and state Medicaid rules and can be easily configured to meet health plan specific business requirements. This solution is offered as an add-on module for MP Enrollment providing the most rigorous system in the industry to ensure compliance and timely processing for enrollment, reconciliation, and billing procedures. The solution allows plans to reconcile enrollment and payment at the member level, to remediate differences, and to ensure maximization of revenue as well as track expected revenue moving forward.

Customers use the solution to:

  • Generate monthly premiums at the member level
  • Distribute paper invoices to qualified members
  • Process CMS provided payment files
  • Intake various enrollment and financial files form regulatory/governmental authorities to reconcile enrollment and payment information
  • Report on financial data sets related to member premiums

Have You Considered …

With MP Premium Billing, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

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Risk Adjustment & Data Validation
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100% out-of-the-box compliant with Medicare and Medicaid


Reconcile enrollment and payment at the member level to remediate differences and ensure maximization of revenue as well as track expected revenue moving forward


Use the premier MarketProminence solution for proven best-practices across the entire enrollment process using automated structured workflows

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