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MedHOK’s Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis Solution

Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis Solution

Solution Overview

MedHOK’s Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis solution helps drive improved quality scores, operational efficiency and member satisfaction. Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis functionality enables platform-wide identification and assessment of issue origination. MedHOK is able to trace the origins of a problem so that corrective measures can be put in place to ensure future success and alleviate identified problems. Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis provides the ability to audit all actions taken as part of the RCA to ensure all providers and outbound items were accurately and sufficiently addressed and completed.

Customers use the solution to:

  • Drive process improvement through the tracking and analysis of issues to implement remediation plans
  • Audit all actions taken to ensure process improvement recommendations are carried to completion
  • Drive improved provider and member satisfaction to improve quality scores and revenue realization

Have You Considered …

With Process Improvement/Root Cause Analysis Solution, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

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Ensures compliance-based approach to delivering premium quality care that is essential to value-based healthcare


Promotes quality outcomes by identifying the source of process issues and facilitating a remediation plan with auditable results


Comprehensive workflow improvement drives improved provider and member satisfaction and quality scores that improve revenue realization

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