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MedHOK’s Smart Connect

Smart Connect

Solution Overview

If a client is using separate, third-party Member Engagement or Quality Management systems, our Smart Connect technology allows for integration with these systems using industry standard APIs and protocols. MedHOK uses internally developed Smart Connecters to interface with third-party systems within a plan or outside of a plan (subcontractors, vendors, providers, etc.). These Smart Connecters can accept data in HIPAA compliant, EDI, HL7 ver. 2.x and 3.x, XML or proprietary format. MedHOK supports real-time data integration through web services as well as frequent batch processes.

MedHOK’s Smart Connect translation engine utilizes standards based HL7 to integrate with EMR systems. MedHOK has integrated with systems that modify elements of the HL7 stack if the vendor provides customized interface specifications. MedHOK supports SOAP and XML for many of our existing customers, and we are quickly able to interface with different toolkits. Through web services, MedHOK processes transactions in real-time to allow for real-time eligibility lookup, provider lookup, electronic prior authorization, and more.

Customers use the solution to:

  • Ensure compliance adherence through automated appending of correspondence to cases with audit trail
  • Communicate through the optimal methodology required by the task
  • Improved productivity through auto-generation of correspondence
  • Integrate directly into customized workflows to meet your specific operational requirements

Have You Considered …

With Smart Connect, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

Provider Portal
Provider Disputes


MedHOK collects data from many systems to place it at your fingertips for productive use


Interconnect with disparate systems while remaining HIPAA/HITECH compliant


Access data from disparate systems in real-time or in scheduled batches

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