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MedHOK’s Specialty Pharmacy Management Solution

Specialty Pharmacy Management

Solution Overview

Specialty pharmacies must take a comprehensive approach to servicing their patients. They must be able to build a complete clinical profile to serve as the foundation to providing an effective individualized treatment plan. Pharmacies will provide patient-specific clinical programs that center around disease specific treatment and medication management. On top of that, most Specialty Pharmacies will also help their patients navigate through their insurance benefits for coverage and payments.

The MedHOK Specialty Pharmacy component provides a single platform solution to house, track and/or process clinical profiles, benefit management and coordination, clinical assessments, patient on-boarding, and dispensing and shipping information in a structured environment. MedHOK’s intelligent workflow system can create program parameters that will trigger automatic assessments and create care programs specific to that patient thus improving patient drug adherence and clinical outcomes. MedHOK’s workflow solution also allows the business to optimize resources to manage these multiple clinical and financial services for their patients.

Customers use the solution to:

  • Utilize one overarching platform to coordinate all specialty pharmacy required functions.
  • Control the processing and clinical management of high cost specialty medications through comprehensively managing patient programs including onboarding of the customer of specialty medications, fulfilling of the order and ongoing clinical care management and assessment within one solution.
  • Automating to enable consistent patient experience and assure compliance adherence to all clinical, FDA and manufacturer requirements.

Have You Considered …

With Specialty Pharmacy Management, you may also want to manage related functionalities on one platform to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver better quality care. Consider adding these MedHOK solutions:

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Brings benefit management, clinical management and dispensing together into one single easy to use platform


Control processing and clinical management of patient programs to enable superior fulfillment quality


Structured workflows with automated routing to ensure a consistent patient experience and complete compliance adherence

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