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Accountable Care Organizations

An End-to-End Solution for ACOs

As risk-bearing entities, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) require access to the same member continuum of care information as health plans. ACOs must also manage the transformation to value-based healthcare, which means adhering to new, rigorous compliance requirements, and employing functionalities such as member engagement and stakeholder collaboration.

MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform helps ACOs build the quality and analytical infrastructure it needs to deliver the highest quality member care. Our Platform encompasses the entire continuum of care, enabling ACOs to use one system for all member interactions and processes, from sales and marketing and enrollment to care management and utilization management to Star and quality management. Addiitionally, MedHOK’s Member and Provider Portals provide access to information by all ACO participants in order to provide coordinated, integrated care to your members, meet quality metrics, and reduce costs.

Trust MedHOK for its workflow management—especially those related to disease and case management, appeals and grievances, care transitions, and test results and referral tracking. These processes are vital to managing patient care, improving health outcomes, and reducing expenditures.

With MedHOK, healthcare management is in one single source solution, simplifying processes, automating workflows, improving efficiencies, and ensuring compliance — all with the goal of better quality Member care.

Manage Care for High-Risk Patients

Manage Care for High-Risk Patients

MedHOK’s comprehensive system allows ACOs to better manage members with co-morbidities and high-risk profiles through sharing of information across the enterprise to ensure quality care.

Reduce Unnecessary Utilization

Reduce Unnecessary Utilization

MedHOK captures the members complete profile, incorporating both medical and pharmacy transactions, third-party data, interventions, and communication, allowing ACOs to improve effective treatments with fewer redundancies.

Monitor Quality Standards in Real Time

Monitor Quality Standards in Real Time

MedHOK enables year-round care gaps management and real-time quality reporting so you will always know your real-time compliance adherence.

“MedHOK clinically integrates participant information in real-time between providers and hospitals within the ACO. This enables us to provide participants with the highest quality, most cost-effective care.”

CEO, Accountable Care Organization

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