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The Complete Solution for Health Plans

MedHOK is the only healthcare management software platform that unifies both medical and pharmacy care throughout the continuum of care and across all lines of business into one system, disintegrating the typical departmental silos of information that health plans know too well. With this complete unification of information, MedHOK is able to create an unparalleled, 360-degree view of the Member, with real-time access to members’ complete medical and pharmacy care history, eligibility, benefits, demographics, provider info and all activities, interactions, documents, etc. in one repository, accessible from anywhere in the MedHOK platform.

Developed to be 100% compliant with federal, state, and commercial rules and regulations out-of-the-box, MedHOK is also proactively updated with new compliance rules and regulations through seamless pushes to the cloud, ensuring perennial compliance. Compliance adherence is a must for health plans to achieve revenue goals.

Many of the nation’s largest health plans trust MedHOK’s single, secure, highly available Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to simplify systems and processes, reduce costs, and expand as needs grow. MedHOK maximizes your efficiency and workflows, optimizes the health care experience for your members, and gives you total control.

MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform delivers everything you need to manage member care and quality, achieve compliance, and succeed in value-based healthcare.

Manage Care and Quality Across the Entire Organization

Manage Care and Quality Across the Entire Organization

MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform encompasses all of the functionalities a health plan payer needs to manage the entire continuum of care across all lines of business.

Improve Efficiency, Quality, and Productivity

Improve Efficiency, Quality, and Productivity

No more application hopping, member passing, or data reentry…MedHOK’s comprehensive single platform solution drives efficiencies while providing for improved quality and productivity.

Turn Disparate System Data into Actionable Ecosystems

Turn Disparate System Data into Actionable Ecosystems

MedHOK takes data from multiple, disparate sources, normalizes it, and turns it into actionable data that can enable intelligent, automated workflows, provide valuable ‘full picture’ insight, and create the industry’s most complete 360-degree member profile.

“MedHOK allows us to simplify so many tasks that used to take us hours — sometimes days — to complete. It has definitely improved our processes and our Member satisfaction.”

Chief Medical Officer, Specialized Health Plan

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