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Platform-wide Functions

Successful Results Through Actionable Data Driving Automated Workflows

Your data is only as valuable as what you can do with it. MedHOK enables healthcare organizations to take in data from multiple sources and turn it into actionable information through structured automated workflows that yield results. Simply put, MedHOK enables an end-to-end approach to delivering value.

  • Collect – Utilizing MedHOK’s Smart Connect integration engine, healthcare organizations can collect data from multiple disparate systems in real-time, or batch process, to bring together the most comprehensive data sets available in the industry
  • Structure – Utilizing MedHOK’s 360Member and 360Provider tools, data is structured into usable, searchable information centered around the member and provider so your team can make the best decisions surrounding member care
  • Alert – Utilizing My Day and Action Center, MedHOK users are alerted to cases that need attention in order to maintain compliance or require specific tasks to be completed
  • Automate – Utilizing any of MedHOK’s Spectrum of Medical/Rx Care solutions, healthcare organizations can conduct automated structured workflows that yeild measurable results for any specific component of the continuum of care
  • Act – Utilizing tools such as Auto-Assignments and Auto-Forwarding to specific roles/users in the MedHOK Unified Payer Platform, your team can quickly conduct meaningful actions (such as intake, correspondence, effectuation and care plan activities) that facilitate premium care, drive quality outcomes and ensure compliance adherence
  • Report – Utilizing pre-built reports, product and enterprise dashboards, Productivity Center, and our built-in BI tool, clients can generate real-time reports and assess their productivity and compliance adherence at the click of a button

MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform provides everything you need to succeed in value-based healthcare and compliance. It’s all right here.


MedHOK can interface with many disparate systems to provide a single actionable platform


Prioritize. Automate. Act. Deliver quality outcomes through structured workflows


Create reports in real-time to know your members are receiving the best care and your organization is compliant

Platform-wide Functions

MedHOK takes data from multiple disparate sources and turns it into accessible, actionable information that delivers the industry’s most complete 360-degree member profile.

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Focus on the Member: The Premise for Value-Based Healthcare

Value-based healthcare requires a focus on the Member, quite a shift from the provider-centric, transaction-focused models with which payers are familiar. This paper discusses how a focus on the member will result in better quality, care, and outcomes.

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