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Next Generation Technology Solution

MedHOK integrates the enterprise, optimizes care and quality, and ensures government compliance


No More Silos.

MedHOK’s SaaS-based platform leverages a single code base in its modules, allowing for a seamless end-to-end solution for healthcare payers. Our Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides the ease-of-integration and interoperability that enables the secure exchange of health information.
The MedHOK platform’s flexible architecture enables real-time information sharing across the continuum of care, allowing for immediate availability of data in order to close gaps in care, improve care management and quality scores, and ensure worry free compliance with state and federal mandates.

Based on a private cloud computing platform, MedHOK is highly efficient, securely shares resources, and is scalable to any volume with lower hardware costs. It also allows for quick implementation driven by business teams, with minimal IT support. It is business user configurable, well-tested, and proven.

Using Smart Connectors, MedHOK imports and normalizes data from multiple sources without requiring heavy IT demands. Workflows, business rules, clinical rules, and dashboards are configurable by the users and can be adapted on the fly. Smart logic allows users to go between multiple lines of businesses and member/patients to ensure tasks are done correctly, timely and in a compliant manner against government regulations.

MedHOK’s software platform includes a comprehensive Business Intelligence Rules engine, which creates robust, on-demand reports, including standard and regulatory reports. Reporting and analysis is possible on all fields in the system. Real-time dashboards quickly provide the status of key production statistics and success metrics. Built-in visual alerts and automated correspondence triggers to assure compliance with regulatory timeframes and required correspondence.

Features of our software platform include

  • Web 2.0: Interactive, intuitive, and flexible
  • Cloud Computing Platform (Private): Highly efficient, securely shared resources, scalable to any volume with lower hardware costs
  • Web-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): Modular deployment; comprehensive real-time information views; highly configurable. Open source JAVA stack
  • Smart Connectors: Import and normalize data sources with no IT burden, fast implementation
  • Workflows, business rules, and dashboard all configurable by the users; can be adapted on the fly
  • Rapid implementation driven by business teams with minimal IT support
  • Integration with third party clinical content vendors such as MCG, McKesson InterQual, First Data Bank and Medi-Span
  • SaaS platform allows for proactive and agile updates to rapidly changing regulatory requirements, transparent to the user
  • Audit-ready case summaries created with the click of a button, reducing audit prep time
  • Supports healthcare industry standards such as HIPAA 4010 & 5010, NCPDP for Rx, HL7, SFTP, Web Services, Connect, file exchange (PDF, RTF, flat files)
  • Servers are hosted in multiple locations throughout the United States. All Regions are in SSAE 16 certified data centers.
  • MedHOK default service availability agreement is 99.95%

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