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Total Care

Supercharge your Compliance, Performance, and Knowledge

The best-in-class health plans address all three critical organizational aspects (Technology, People, and Process) to achieve healthcare delivery and compliance success. MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform is the preeminent technology platform in the industry, and our clients receive world-class support from our professional and experienced staff.

MedHOK’s Unified Payer Platform includes Production Management, Baseline Compliance Support, Managed Security, and High Availability Managed Environments. From weekly project meetings to 24/7/365 Help Desk support, you are always within reach of a MedHOK expert.

MedHOK’s Total Care solution provides the People and Process aspects by aligning a multi-disciplined team of subject matter experts to dedicated client support. Implementing a targeted regimen of compliance and operational efficiency improvement programs to measure, test, and improve organizational performance, Total Care drives best practices that improve audit readiness, productivity, and profitability. Through continuous training, Total Care clients close process improvement loops, improve user knowledge, and build in-house platform configuration expertise.

Combined with online portal functionality that enables self-service ticket creation and tracking, Total Care equips health plans to build a persistent culture of compliance, Unified Payer Platform expertise, and audit readiness. Being confident of your compliance adherence is being confident in your business plan.

Experience the Benefits of Total Care

Total Care will fill your gaps in Compliance, Operational Efficiency, Training, and Support to enable you to achieve and maintain the same operational excellence of the highest star-rated plans. Click the titles below to learn more about the components of MedHOK’s Total Care Support.

Total Care Brochure

Read more about how MedHOK’s Total Care support can strengthen your organization’s compliance efforts, user adoption, and operational efficiency.

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