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The Single System for Specialty Pharmacy Needs

MedHOK integrates the enterprise, optimizes Risk, Care and Quality, and ensures government compliance


Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy has become highly specialized in its approach to providing personalized patient support services. Many groups now offer patient-specific clinical programs that center on disease specific treatment and medication management. MedHOK’s workflow system allows for prescription and care assessment programs to be performed and tracked in a structured environment. Program parameters trigger automatic assessments and create care programs specific to the patient.

MedHOK solutions are 100% web-based, leveraging cloud computing for scalability. Further, they are HIE ready and ICD10, 5010 and HIPAA complaint.

Key Benefits:

MedHOK offers patient-specific clinical programs that center on medication management to improve patient medication adherence and clinical outcomes. The solution utilizes an intelligent workflow system that optimizes the resources used to manage and perform drug and manufacturer assessments for patients. The business configurable software solution allows for the creation, processing and tracking of patient/drug assessment programs to be performed in a structured workflow that automates the calendaring of assessments and the triggering of evaluations and interventions based on individual needs and program parameters. Contractual reporting is created based on manufacturer criteria.

  • Ability to identify and qualify patients for drug monitoring programs
  • Automated calendaring of the assessment task based on drug or manufacturer criteria
  • Automatically assign risk stratification to the patient based on assessment timing and questions
  • Scripted interactive interventions based on established rules
  • Capture complete patient history for assessment questions and answers
  • Patient monitoring for drug interactions, adherence, education and training needs
  • Automated clinician assignment for additional patient evaluations activated by patient assessment answers
  • Program and drug automated status changes with reasons such as patient opt out and drug discontinuation
  • Real-time monitoring dashboard for proactive management approach
  • Business intelligence reporting tool for ad hoc and immediate reporting capability, along with canned reports

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